Continuo's debut recording, Meditations on Pachelbel's Canon, is a product of the fertile imagination of Victor Friedberg. Taking one of the greatest hits in Western music history, Friedberg weaves an intricate web of ambient textures, Western and Indian percussion, transcendental voices, and piano.

Though classically trained at Julliard and Oberlin, Friedberg found his artistic grounding in electronics and spent his formative years doing ground-breaking work with his teacher and mentor, John Cage. "Cage", says Friedberg, "opened up a new path for me, one that immersed me in electronic experimentation and also in non-western music and philosophy. "The path from Cage", he notes, "led to Eno, and from Eno to Peter Gabriel. Last Temptation was a seminal record".

In doing Meditations, however, Friedberg has fused his classical upbringing with his love for ambient, electronic, pop and ethnic music, especially the music of India and Pakistan, Bali and West Africa. The result is a 50-minute work in the classical theme-and-variations form, in which the theme of Pachebel's canon leads to variations that inhabit different musical worlds.

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Take Me Back