A Theory

A Theory

A Theory are a mysterious post-dubstep and techno outfit, who released their
debut three-track EP, “One Point One” on the legendary and idiosyncratic label ZTT Records at the tail end of 2013.

With a lot of imagery and semantics of the music centering on theories, A Theory create intrigue
and thought where the music is concerned.

The lead cut from the EP is ‘Tongues’, which sits somewhere between post-dubstep and
industrial techno as it builds with sirens and warped howls before the drop.

Next up is ‘Elevens’, another delicately constructed ambient slow burner. A fire crackles in the
background as the tension builds thanks to some synth bass pressure and melancholic keys.

Finally, it’s the turn of ‘Piece of Mind’, which meanders through dreamy echoed vocal samples
and understated percussion for a hypnotic musical voyage.

ONE POINT TWO will be released by ZTT later this year.

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