John & Jehn

John & Jehn

John & Jehn started their musical career when they moved from their hometowns to London at the back end of 2006. Since then they have impressed music fans and journalists with their Lo-fi, rock'n'roll sound. The two are a couple. Influenced by Serge Gainsbourg, The Velvet Underground, Jean Luc Godard, Gang of Four, John Fante, Joy Division, Jacques Brel and Johnny Cash, John and Jehn's music is a collection of sonic experiments, carried by dark humour on razor-sharp pop melodies. They released their debut album through indie label FMM (Faculty Music Media) in April 2008 to critical acclaim.

In the summer of 2008, without any label on to them (their UK label Faculty Records left them in peace) and before their first album was released outside England, John & Jehn settled with a friend's gear in a barn in France and started to record the first 5 songs of the second album. Those 5 began with ‘Oh My Love’, a key-stabbed, bass-driven, night-crawling, Roxy-Music-stalking number, dripping with thinly-veiled insouciance, and ‘Down Our Streets’, laced with hand-claps and cheery synth lines and ‘la la las’, but pulled together with a lyric concerning itself with the relentless, suffocating presence of London’s CCTV cameras, and the resulting longing for the enveloping cloak of night to fall.

One year later, in the Summer of 2009, after touring Europe, the pair returned to Angoulême to build their own studio, to record the bulk of the new album "Time for the Devil" and to rehearse for their first live shows as a quartet (supporting Franz Ferdinand in front of 8,000 people in Paris was to be their baptism of fire). To support their second album on stage, John & Jehn are joined by Raphael Mura (from Underground Railroad) on drums and Maud-Elisa Mandeau (from Le Prince Miiaou) on guitar. For their UK tour, Gemma Thomson (from Hindley) is on guitar.

A casual listen to ‘Time For The Devil’ reveals the lineage between John & Jehn and PiL, XTC, The Psychedelic Furs, The Stranglers and their ilk, but also classic pop as they move from brooding atmospherics of ‘The Ghosts’ to ‘Vampires’ with it’s opening gambit echoing The Beach Boys ‘Good Vibrations’

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