Alice Lewis

Alice Lewis

Welcome to the world of Alice Lewis: it’s made of water-coloured landscapes, satin-finished tones, Chinese fragrance and English soul. Close your eyes and let yourself carry by a soft wave of emotions.
Alice Lewis recorded her debut album with Ian Caple (Bashung, Tindersticks, Tricky): she plays Omnichord, 70s organ, Roland Juno 6 and SH101, Gu Zheng, recorder, guitar, piano with the support of The Divine Comedy’s string quartet.

After spending her first years in England, Alice Lewis studied at the Fine Arts School of Cergy where sculpture, art-installations, soundtracks and singing led her on the track of musical composition. From that time on, Alice drew sketched her own musical perception, which is more pictorial than literary based.

She’s travelled to Beijing - to study Opera and to Taïwan to learn Chinese zither (Gu Zheng), has sung for Sebastien Tellier (‘Politics’) and Fred Pallem (‘Le Sacre du Tympan’) and composed for advertising and movie soundtracks (‘Le Renard et l’Enfant’ by Luc Jaquet who directed ‘La Marche de l’Empereur’).

Alice Lewis’ music soothes and bewitches her listeners... She embarks us in the dark abysses of ‘Hiding Underwater’ before flying off with birds at dawn on ‘Night’s End’. Up there you meet William Blake (‘The Angel’) and then land by parachute on a ‘Magical Mountain’. On this mountain, the ghosts of disappointed lovers are gliding. In a bar filled with smoke, you get drunk on Champagne and smoke cigars with nonchalance on top of a star (‘Star Cigar’).

On her debut album, Alice Lewis takes pop music for a walk and meets classical, Asian sounds, low-fi rhythm boxes along the way… Her hybrid yet universal music is guided by experimentation, harmonic research, poetry and literature.

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Take Me Back