The Dress Down Kids

The band was formed around two years ago when Fletch, Lee and AJ were gigging as an acoustic trio in and around Manchester. On one Autumn night off Oxford Rd in Manchester the three turned up to perform at an open mic where they met Tristan who was hosting the evening.
From this point on the four lads kept in contact and met up for a drink and to chat about music and share one and others plans for the future, and found that there was a simpler connection to where we all wanted to go with our music.
This lead onto the group arranging a fair few jamming sessions and creating a pretty interesting sound.. But with Tristan singing, AJ on keys, Feltch - bass and Lee playing guitar there was a piece of the puzzle missing!
This called for an extra member to join the band...
So we went onto invite a number of people in to get behind the drum kit and see if their musical flavour matched our own, but it never seemed to fit! Meaning we were at a bit of a dead end... Until AJ thought it would be a great idea to let the other lads know that he can play the drums, this mixed things up a bit! But we we're still missing something and couldn't find any members which fit the bill... Bar one guy!
He was a good friend of Fletch and AJ, they had known each other from a young age, but he had only been playing bass for about six weeks at the point where we needed him to try out with us! This guy was Tom... Came to the jam, set up and just slotted himself in perfectly... This was it, The Dress Down Kids had arrived! Safe to say we were buzzing.
From here on in we knew we had to work to our peaks. So we did and to this day we have never let the steam off! To look back over the last two years and to say we've done what we've done... Makes us happy! But this is only the beginning, the best is yet to come. Hello world, We're The Dress Down Kids.

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Take Me Back