Freeze The Atlantic

Freeze The Atlantic

Since its inception in late 2008, ‘Freeze The Atlantic’ have had a solid ethos at their core – making rock music and enjoying rock music. Started initially by Andy Gilmour from ‘Hundred Reasons’ with Jon Pearce and Guy Davis, from the band ‘Reuben’, they quickly signed up second guitarist and long time friend Tom Stevens (Archie and the Instincts) and started writing brand new material. After a UK tour in 2010 with ‘Attack! Attack!’ featuring Liv Puente (Laruso) on guest vocals, the band recruited singer Chris J Knott (Twelve Titans) and bassist Sean Shreeve (Spectrum 7/Talking Endlessly) who replaced the outgoing Jon Pearce.

2011 and 2012 saw some huge steps forward for the band – a self-produced debut EP ‘Colour by Numbers’ was released through the independent label Alcopop! The limited edition physical release of the EP shipped with colour by numbers artwork (complete with free crayons!) and the digital version instantly became the most pre-ordered mp3 on, a great success for the band. The lead track ‘Waking Up’ received numerous radio airplay nationwide, including Radio One and Xfm.

Most importantly it also saw the band finish their debut album, ‘Speakeasy’; a culmination of all of the bands efforts of the past two years, the album was recorded and produced entirely by the band when and wherever they could. Featuring a string of guest vocalists, namely Colin Doran (Hundred Reasons), JP Reid (Sucioperro) and Liv Puente (Laruso), it represents everything the band is about; the DIY ethos, the struggles of a modern rock band and crucially, their love for great songs - with some huge riffs to boot! It gives immense satisfaction for the band that this album that they have put everything into has received great reviews across the board, showing that all of their struggle and work has been worth it.

Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way and, having provided an acclaimed performance on ‘Speakeasy’, Chris was unable to keep up his role in the band and bowed out in at the end of October 2012. Such events can easily cripple a band, but Freeze the Atlantic have found new strength with vocalist and old friend Liv Puente, who joined the band in November 2012.

If there’s one word that could be used to describe Freeze the Atlantic, it’s surely ‘resilient’. Having seen a multitude of line-up changes that would have normally stopped a band in its tracks, it has only seemed to strengthen the bands resolve – both as a unit and musically. Looking forward with a new line-up, a stunning debut album with rave reviews, a pounding and impressive live show and new material on the way, 2013 can only bring bigger and better things for the band.

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