Hope 7

Hope 7 was a pop rock band that performed together from 2003-2005. The band members consisted of Kristi McClave (lead singer), Dave Noble (guitarist), Chevy Martinez (bassist) and Chase Duddy (drummer).

In early 2004, Noble, Martinez and Duddy joined the band to fully form "Hope 7". The song "Breakthrough" was also featured in The Cheetah Girls soundtrack and the music video for the song was played on Disney Channel, increasing the band popularity. The band toured with the ATV Pro Volleyball tournament and also released the song "I Want Everything" which was featured in the soundtrack for the 2004 film Sleepover and the 2005 Disney Channel Original Movie, Go Figure.
The band released their self-titled album, Hope 7 on March 15, 2005 with Trauma Records. It was their only album release.
Hope 7's single "Breakthrough" went Platinum earning the band their first and only Platinum Record.
Hope 7 disbanded after the release of their first album. They are no longer performing together.

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Take Me Back