Irina Mikhailova

Irina Mikhailova

Irina Mikhailova is a cross-pollinating vocalist, composer, and multi instrumentalist whose musical style reflects traditions of Russia, Balkans, Asia and Middle East.

She plays wide array of instruments including Udu, Jews Harp, Steel Drum, Piano and Tar.

From the wide steppes of Kazakhstan to classical training in Saint Petersburg, following soulful "concerts busy" Prague Irina has traveled to multicultural San Francisco where she currently resides.

She has released few solo albums and her songs have appeared on a variety of compilations in the last few years including contemporary folk, modern lounge, dub-ambient, tribal and Arabic groove.

Rich of the multi-ethnic sounds that surrounded her childhood, and the depth of her soul, Irina Mikhailova blends her warm and otherworldly vocals with an amazing cast of musicians around the Globe such as Habib Khan (India), Hamza El Din (Nubia), Reda Darwish (Egypt), Mohammad Nejad (Iran), Glen Velez (USA), Lumin (USA), Seb Taylor of Angel Tears and Kaya Project (England), Toires (France) and Star Sounds Orchestra (Germany).

She plays frequently in Europe and has performed at variety of festivals such as Peter Gabriel"s Womad festival in England, Morocco 2000 in Morocco, Meg Montreal in Canada, Boom festival in Portugal, AKA fest in Mexico, as well as festivals in Japan, Greece, Germany, Switzerland and many more.

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