Mike Preston

Mike Preston

Michael Preston (born 14 May 1938, Hackney, London, England) is an international film and television actor, sometimes credited as Mike Preston.

Mike was born as Jack Davis in Clapton, East London in 1925 and from the word go was a keen sportsman. As a young lad he played soccer for Hackney in the English Schools Shield and, according to a school pal of the time,"swam like a fish, played cricket and football, boxed for the school and town, was to the forefront at Athletics and was no slouch at lessons". Added to this he was a member of the local Glyn Road Church Choir where he was a boy soprano. It was whilst serving with the Irish Guards however that his boxing skills came to the forefront. In a career lasting 78 bouts Mike (or rather Jack) lost only 8 fights on a decision. The remaining 70 he won, one on a decision and the remainder as knockouts. Prior to his army service he had won an A.B.A. Divisional Champion- ship.

After leaving school his first job was delivering agency pictures to newspaper offices in Fleet Street. From that he graduated to dark-room work becoming a skilled photographic printer. After demob he returned to Civvy Street and took a course as a trainee cameraman where he became a qualified cartoon cameraman, which entailed animating artist's drawings for television comercials. He also took his first steps on the road to the recording studio by taking singing lessons. But - as quoted on the liner notes to one of his EPs - ballad singers such as he were falling out of favour with the young rock and stars taking centre stage in the record buyers eyes.

Hovever Mike persevered, and when Decca offered him a recording contract in 1958 he cut his first two sides,”A House A Car and A Wedding Ring", a composition by Jerry Lordan a singer and songwriter who, in a couple of years time, would have the composing credits to one of Britain's biggest instrumental hits of the day, The Shadows “Apache". The B-side was "My Lucky Love", and together these two singles were also issued by Decca's London label in the States where it was named as "a best bet" in the Variety trade paper. It peaked in Billboard's charts at No.93 on December 1.

Title Album Genre Tools
A House, A Car And A Wedding Ring Early Productions '55-'58 Rock
Mike Preston
Drums, Electric Guitar, Harp, and Xylophone
Atmospheric, Bright, Feel-Good, Romantic, and Sentimental
Scene Descriptions:
Heartbreak, In Love, Make-Up, Rainy Day, and Wedding
Vocal Types:
Choral and Male
CD/Track #:
Early Productions '55-'58
Release Year:
Track ID:
main mix 2:17 160k MP3
Take Me Back