LeeSun is more a writer than a singer, and more a dreamer than a writer. She began songwriting in 1995 and was inspired to pursue a career as a singer after someone pointed out to her that one does not need to be a great singer to have a career as one. Bob Dylan was the case in point. And so began her journey as a singer.

Though she is dismissive about her own vocal prowess, her unusual and gorgeous singing voice has found a place in many a listener’s heart.

In 2005 she put a few lo-fi recordings on download.com, for free download. Quickly LeeSun’s music was added to the site’s “Editor’s Picks” with a glowing review:

“If you crossed the most enchanting aspects of Erin McKeown, Ani DiFranco, Norah Jones, and Bjork, you’d be left with one tripped-out chanteuse. You’d be left with Leesun. The UK singer-songwriter combines the cadence and confessional pitch of McKeown and DiFranco with the intimacy of Jones and Bjork’s frozen waifishness.”

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Take Me Back