Columna B

The music of Yosvany Terry and Columna "B" provides an unmistakable milestone in the often elusive unfolding of modern jazz. A synthesis that links past and present influences and creators of Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Caribbean, and Cuban popular music, Twisted Noon is at once an intricate tapestry of delicate yet playful interplay and determined transformation.

Directed by Yosvany Terry, their debut CD Twisted Noon is the culmination of a four-year evolution by Columna "B". Since its inception in la Habana, Cuba with Yosvany Terry, Roberto Carcasses Jr., Descemer Bueno, and Dafnis Prieto, this project maintains as its central purpose the exploration of unique perspectives for Latin Jazz that remain tied to Afro-Cuban folkloric roots. These roots form the musical foundation shared by all of the artists who have collaborated along the way.
Columna "B" offers us the richness of the multiple cultural traditions and musical influences that have shaped the development of all the immensely talented artists in this recording. We are now the grateful recipients of the magic and gifts that only music such as this can bring. Clearly, Columna "B" will be seen across time as a critical event in the development of new frontiers and definitions in the diversity of Latin Jazz.

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