Rara Avis

Rara Avis

Rara first exploded on to the scene with his hit debut CD "Beneath the Radar" in 2003. Subsequently scouted by his favorite indy record label Six Degrees Records, Rara began remix work for artists on their roster and production a 5 song digital EP entitled "Shaktified" released in 2005.

Since then he has been nothing short of prolific releasing a solo or collaborative album every 3-6 months including regular work with Shaman's Dream and Desert Dwellers, in partnership with Sounds True and White Swan Records respectively.

Whole heartedly embraced by dance floors all over the world and Rara has also had a deep impact in the rapidly growing yoga and conscious lifestyle community. Writing music for well known yoga figures such as Shiva Rea, Duncan Wong, Jai Uttal, Max Strom, Sharon & David Life (Jiva Mukti, NYC), Desiree Rumbaugh, Hemalayaa Behl, Ashley Turner, Hala Khouri and many others. His music bridges the worlds of conscious dance with positive lifestyle making it the ultimate companion soundtrack for the conscious consumer.

His styles are always seeking to blend genres as he has an eclectic array of training in blues, jazz, classical, ethnic, electronic, and contemporary. He has earned a degree in jazz and classical studies from Malaspina University on Vancouver Island and uses his well formed knowledge of music theory, composition and arranging to produce expertly crafted songs with an equal blend of live instrumentation and programmed electronic elements.

Healing has long been a part of Rara's mission with music. Therefore movement and inspiration that lead toward a greater sense of peace and relaxation are important ingredients that Rara adds into every composition and performance.
Rara has toured extensively throughout the US and Canada always bringing a unique element of improvised instrumental performance to the dance and festival floor while at the same time delivering an experience that always leaves people feeling deeply integrated and at home within themselves.

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