Electricity and Drums - Single

Dave Audé

Dave Aude's production contributions span the barriers of dance music. He has produced for artists like DJ Keoki, Barenaked Ladies, Faith No More, Orgy, and Madonna, while his own productions rest between high-energy house and tranced-out jungle that have made him popular amongst the jungle and techno crowds. In 1991, he began making house music at Truth, a Los Angeles dance club, and formed Lunatic Fringe with the club's owner, Steve Levy. They founded Moonshine Music, a record label, together, and built a studio in West Hollywood. Aude also mixed a series of compilation albums and played a big part in one of the label's biggest techno hits, DJ Dan's, "That Zipper Track," which he recorded under the alias Needle Damage. He has a number of mix albums to his credit, including 2000's Rush Hour, 2001's Nocturnal Wonderland and 2003's Mixed Live.

Title Mix/Edit Artist Genre Tools
Electricity and Drums (aka Bad Boy) feat. Akon and Luciana main mix Dave Audé Pop
Dave Audé
Bright, Feel-Good, Funky/Groove, and Party
Scene Descriptions:
End Title/Credits, Film Trailer, Frat Party, Make-Out, Night Club, and Strip Tease
Featured Instruments:
Vocal Types:
Female and Male
Release Date:
Track ID:
Main Mix 1:00 160k MP3 44.1k AIF
Take Me Back