Little Old Train (Single)

The Dave O'Grady Trio

"Dave O’ Grady is just one of those musicians that no matter how many times you see him during a year he still manages to make the gig you are attending feel as though it is the most important gig you will ever see"
- Liverpool Sound and Vision.

The Dave O'Grady Trio are a edgy blues, rock-n-roll experience with the integrity of well crafted songwriting. After spending two years supporting Rich Robinson on tour, singer and guitarist Dave O'Grady has been a huge influence on the British songwriter scene. With the introduction of Chris Nicholls (bass) and Siãn Monaghan (drums) the trio have a gritty yet fresh sounding set with everything from Led Zeppelin style rock 'n' roll and groovy riffs to soft blues harmonies.

"Dave's music is a mixture of gritty American blues, with echoes of Johnny Cash's narrative style and strikingly honest ballads. Combine this with great musicianship and the band makes a rewarding listen both at home and live."
- Catalyst Reviews

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