Birthed in the year 2010, Blackwolfgoat is here now in this world and is very real. Yes, the legends and stories of Blackwolfgoat are all true, and then some. Guitarist Darryl Shepard, one-time member of bands such as Hackman, Roadsaw and Milligram, decided to go it alone for his latest endeavor, choosing to create loops and drones which could then be added to and layered upon to build songs out of the simplest of material. With just one guitar and one amplifier, Shepard has crafted six musical pieces which take the listener to some dark places, and some lighter ones as well. Whether it’s the haunting sound of a beeping heart monitor, some dusty, wind-blown slide guitar, or what appears to be a drum machine in a state of distress, all of the songs and sounds on Blackwolfgoat’s debut album “Dragonwizardsleeve” were recorded entirely live in the studio without the aid of any overdubbing or additional tracking, the very definition of solo performance. And this is just the beginning, for Blackwolfgoat has only taken the first steps on its new and wide-open path.

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Take Me Back