My Little Problem With The Law

Danny Allen

A deep-rooted passion, backed by years of country living and time on the stage has provided Danny a way to bridge the gap between real life and the music industry.
Raised by his grandparents in Columbus, Georgia, Danny was instilled with moral values from a young age. His grandfather was a mentor to young Danny, taking him hunting and fishing and teaching him what it meant to be a man. His grandmother, a skilled pianist and singer, graced the weekly church congregation with her angelic vocals. Admiring his grandmother’s passion and drive, Danny soon found himself immersed in learning the vocal craft. It wasn’t long before he was singing at church, performing his first song in front of an audience at the age of seven. Earning applause for doing something he loved gave the youngster a new outlook on what life could hold for him. “If you can see yourself doing it, you can do it in real life. You just have to decide to put your mind to it.”

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Take Me Back