Everybody VS U & Me

Jason Damato

Originally from San Diego, Jason Damato is a vibrant and colorful character who has the rare ability to draw people to him and his music. Citing influences from a wide variety of music genres including Ben Harper, Ella Fitzgerald, U2 and Jeff Buckley, Damato puts everything his soul possesses into his music. Damato recently completed work on his debut EP, "Floating Down A River" which found him working with some industry veterans. Tom Freund, known for his solo work and collaborations with Ben Harper, co-produced the album bringing his vast musicality and a wealth of experience to the table. One of those musicians Freund enlisted to provide the beat was Adam Topol who drums for Jack Johnson and Culver City Dub Collective. Topol added his touch and helped bring Damato’s songs to life. The result of the collaboration is a beach-tinged good time coined by Damato as some old-fashion beach soul.

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Take Me Back